Friday March 21, 2014 from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM EDT

Eli Broad Graduate School of Management
811 West Square Lake Road
Troy, MI 48098


Driving Directions

Call for Presentations and Papers For


The Interdisciplinary Symposium on Teaching Capitalism:

Classroom Instruction and Research


March 21, 2014




The Management Education Center


Eli Broad Graduate School of Management
811 West Square Lake Road, Troy, MI 48098
Tel: (248) 879-2456


If you would like to be our Keynote Speaker, or present at one of our concurrent sessions, please contact: Robin at symposium2014@lync-sync.com Space is limited to 200 attendees.


Presenters! Deadline for 200-word abstract submission is 12-31-2013.


The purpose of our Symposium is to bring to light the best practices of teaching Capitalism: how it informs and advances our economy, our society, and our lives. The secondary purpose is to have professors and instructors meet like-minded people to network and establish support groups through their research. Finally, since our system of government depends on our free market remaining free, we need to teach our students that Capitalism is a morally good system for living, working and governing. We welcome any and all support in our endeavors.

We look forward to seeing you there! Please visit our site for more information including pricing and accomodations: