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Victory News (Since 1983) prints positive essays and poetry about important events in life.  Email your essay to   as a Word attachment.


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The Victory News (since 1983) wants to publish your stories and poetry


Send your stories through email and we will publish them at no cost to you.  You will be listed on our web site as a published author – Victory News page at Franklin Publishing Company and you will receive an acceptance letter suitable for framing, plus a one-year free membership in both the International Association of Professionals and Americans for Better Education (see for details).  Authors also receive a 15% discount on all books and journals they purchase.


Dr. Ludwig Otto , CEO & Publisher

Recent Articles:

Volume 2007 Issue III

A Nation Of Cowards Jeffrey R. Snyder; August 3, 2007 Donald DeWayne Woods; Clear Cut Andrew Walls; The Earth Monster Jim Woodard; Be Safe! Frank Borelli; An Atheist Was Walking Through The Woods Frances Adams; Nobody Appreciates Me Marsha Jordan; Picking up the Pieces Dave Witty; Information Package JIPTC; A Body Of Gratitude Richard Bauman; Teen Girl Banned From School for Chastity Ring Heads to Court Alice Courtney; Wake James Fryar; The Woodpiles of Our Shame Luke Reynolds; Fashioned by Grace Kathy Hobaugh; The Cardiff Giant--Gigantic Hoax  Richard Bauman; Friends by Fight: The Conformist Oliver Gunther; Life Is But a Breath Kathy Hobaugh; Who's Running the Show? Calvin and Lisa Wulf; Undie Man To The Rescue! Marsha Jordan; There Is No "Fun" In Dysfunctional Marsha Jordan; Picking up the Pieces Dave Witty; Saved by Drowning Lee Ann Stanford; The Misconception About Miracles Kathy Hobaugh; Why New Orleans Went Under  Jesse Lee Peterson; The Adventures of the Cadillac Kid & Moose Ludwig Otto; Brief Neutral Summary of The More Excellent Way  Harold F. Roellig; Women, Can’t Live With Them, Can’t Live Without Them Moses Gardiner; Healing The Hurts Of Battered Wives

Muriel Larson; Critical Approach: Historical Topical Joe Reno; What Are You Thinking?

Michael  Cortson; How to Forgive Without Losing Your Sanity Mary A. LaClair; I’m Having Trouble Kathy Hobaugh;

Volume 2007 Issue II

The Invitation: Peter’s Call Patti Merrill; Poems Albert_Hickey; Writes to Life Collin Hilton; Light in the Rain Mary Hu; A New Game Brock Tessandori; Camping in the Rain Kent Bevers; Dogs Trapped In One Spot At The End Of A Chain Marsha Jordan; A Butterfly On My Shoulder Richard Bauman; The Seventh Son Tansy Pye; IRAQ:  Unheard of Success Behind the Media Curtain Tim Greene; Storm Debris Marsha Jordan; The Contest For Simi An-Daran Dave Cassel; One of Millions Matthew Otto; Watermelon Wanderlust Jody Eddy; On Uganda’s Terms:  A Journal by an American Nurse Midwife Working for Change in Uganda, East Africa During Idi Amin’s Regime Mary M. Hale; Little Acts Of Love Marsha Jordan; He Did What He Could Marsha Jordan; Propaganda and Why There is No Negotiating with the Resistance Tim Greene; What The Russian Girl Told Me John Robinson; Writes to Life Verena Berger; Born Poor: American Success Stories (Selection) Ludwig Otto;

Volume 2007 Issue I

A New Game Brock Tessandori; Be What You Wanna Be Calvin and Lisa Wulf; Did God Really Say Bible Studies: Drawing Conclusions Kathy Hobaugh, Jackie Anderson; The Gettysburg Powerpoint Presentation 11/19/1863
Peter Norvig;
Emeralds And Meteors Dave Cassel; Once Upon A Time Kathy Hobaugh; Falwell Confidential Jerry Falwell; Fashioned by Grace  Kathy Hobaugh; Forever changed  April Richardson; Schools Continue to Discriminate Against Christian Students Jerry Falwell; Here Comes the Reading Spot David Hammons; In the spirit of fairy tales Kathy Hobaugh; Our Friendship Patti Merrill; What Are You Wearing? Marsha Jordan; Limburger Attitude  Marsha Jordan; The Symmetry Bond Between Freedom And Truth As Evidence For The Proposition “Freedom Is The Source Of All Value” Paul Dickson; Reality  David Hammons; Stress Isn’t a Fruit of the Spirit  Calvin and Lisa Wulf; The Lost Pocket Watch  David Hammons; The Eleventh Hour  Kathy Hobaugh; The Talk Clarissa Richee;

Volume 2006 Issue IV

Exhausted by Increased Gas Prices? Sean Findley; How To Control Overbearing Sports Parents, Allissa Maintz; Betting on the Future, Calvin and Lisa Wulf; Forbidden Truth: Digesting The Truth Without Getting Ill – Depression, Kathy Hobaugh; Do Not Read This Story, Linda McCullough Moore; How Do I Love Me? Calvin and Lisa Wulf; My Story, Stephanie Vigil; A Family of One, Peter Harutunian; Road Rage, Tanya Spencer; Saying Goodbye,  Calvin and Lisa Wulf; The Glory Story, Fazzino; The First Christmas Revisited, Rev. Bob Haseltine; What is Truth? Calvin and Lisa Wulf; Duties of All Angels, Kristen Howe; Becoming A Receptacle, Dr. Michael Cortson; Where Have You Been? Joe Drowne; Forgiven, Bruce Adkins; Ignorance Is Not Bliss, The Judicial Watch; Teacher Emotions And Reflective Thinking, Michael F. Shaughnessy, Sandra L. Smith;

 Volume 2006 Issue III 

Don't Just Stand There; Do Something! Dr. Bob Mansfield; Basic Presuppositions: Or, How To Build A Foundation Under Your House Dr. Bob Mansfield; For Immediate Release Curtis Green; We’re Number One  (Genesis 4:1 – 4:26) “Did God Really Say” Bible Studies Kathy Hobaugh, Jackie Anderson, Stephanie Staley; The Midnight Caller (Genesis 6:1 – 6:13, –9:8 – 9:13) “Did God Really Say” Bible Studies  Kathy Hobaugh, Jackie Anderson, Stephanie Staley; Knowledge is Power, or Is It? (Genesis 2:16 – 3:24)  “Did God Really Say” Bible Studies Kathy Hobaugh, Jackie Anderson, Stephanie Staley; Digesting the Truth Without Getting Ill; Kathy Hobaugh; He Makes Me Lie Down In Green Pastures  Kathy Hobaugh; More than a Journey  Calvin and Lisa Wulf ; Still Life Jonathan Fore;  Throw Away People  Calvin and Lisa Wulf ; What is Truth?  Calvin and Lisa Wulf ;  Steinbeck’s Novels: Grapes of Wrath, East of Eden, and Of Mice and Men  Joe Maren; The  Assassin  Randy Maas, Robert Mansfield ;


Recent Articles:

 Volume 2006 Issue II 
Irene Robertson The Upside of Anger; Lauren Deville I have resorted to trying to “find myself” through writing – journaling, prayer-journaling; Calvin and Lisa Wulf  "Can't get a Word in Edgewise"; Kimberli Dear Jesus, Why was I born this way?; Lauren Deville  “I cannot rest from travel; I will drink life to the lees…; Calvin and Lisa Wulf  “Running on Empty”; Richard J. Hoyer  I have am easy resolution for the illegal immigration issue and border control; John Kitchen Revival: Make it or Break it?; Jerry Falwell  Workplace Religious Beliefs Deemed Invalid; Kathy Hobaugh There is a newcomer in the world of scientific observation; Lauren Deville It never occurred to me that U2 could be considered worship music; Michael L. Conley  Wading In Brooklyn; Satish G.  Germany bothered about misuse of visa by Indians and Chinese; John Contini "Danger Road: A True Crime Story of Murder and Redemption"; Lauren Deville I have been a bridesmaid in two weddings so far; Henry Charles Mishkoff The Passion According to Enoch; Calvin and Lisa Wulf   “Double Talk -- Double Life”; Pacific Gas and Electric Company and the California Department of Boating and Waterways A Water Safety Warning Is Issued to Recreationists as Trout Season Opens and The Spring Snowmelt Begins; John Timperon Strand  The Arrival of Alan Marks; Lauren Deville I’ve never really liked beauty magazines; Kathy Hobaugh, Jackie Anderson, Stephanie Staley  “Did God Really Say” Bible Studies I; Kathy Hobaugh & Jackie Anderson   “Did God Really Say” Bible Studies II; Paul X. Rutz  American Forces Press Service; Jerry Falwell  Incarcerated For Christ; Jerry Falwell Taking On The Tv Networks; Every Day Is Earth Day For American Entrepreneurs Small Business Fights To Keep America Clean And Green; Donna Miles  American Forces Press Service; Kathy Hobaugh Copper Coins and Golden Years; Richard Hoyer What would you do? You make the choice! Don't look for a punch line; Maj. Gen. Durbin on the Rusty Humphries Transcript United States Department of Defense DoD News Briefing; Jerry Falwell ‘Friend or Foe’ Graduation Prayer Campaign Launched; The Force Science News The Force Science Research Center; Donna Miles American Forces Press Service; Lauren Deville  Three years ago;

Volume 2006 Issue
Integrity Stephan Stone; Singing (Or Speaking) For Your Supper in Spain Silvana Clark;
"Secrets of the Dark"  Kathy Hobaugh; The Other War: Resurgent Socialism and Insurgency in the Age of Globalization Guntram Werther, Ph.D.; Pastor Michael joins Christian Speaker Network Michael Tummillo ; American Forces Press Service Sgt. Sara Wood, USA; Living For God "The Speed of Life" Calvin and Lisa Wulf ; Industry Conditions Help Determine The Role Of Entrepreneurs Kathy Tobias; Crazy Talk, Part II   Joel; Bernanke's Big Test  Bill Bonner ;My Place  Hawkins  Jones; James L. Snyder Ministries God's Penman James Snyder; Fashioned by Grace   Kathy Hobaugh; Living For God  “Finish the Race”  Calvin and Lisa Wulf; Turtle Steps  Janice Alonso; Living For God "Taking Shortcuts"  Calvin and Lisa Wulf; Living For God “Virtual Isolation” Calvin and Lisa Wulf; The Life of Freedom Liney Morgan; Initial Impact Of The New Greek Tobacco Warning Labels On Consumers’ Attitudes And Perceived Effectiveness  Aikaterini I. Vassilikopoulou, George J. Siomkos, John Mylonakis; A Comparative Study of Healthcare Services Gap Analysis Approach in the Provision of Efficient Hospital Treatment  Konstantinos Christoglou, Chris Vassiliadis, Ioakim Sigalas, John Mylonakis;

Volume 2005 Issue 4
My Life Saved
Michael Cortson; Forbidden Truth Kathy Hobaugh; Piano Man 
Donal White; Winter Bliss, Janette Reed; The Case for Hope, Kathy Hobaugh; Midlife Chrysler, Arthur Sesnovich; Filling Your Infinite Void With the Fullness of the Lord Tracey Brown; You Might Be Interested In Reading The Indiana Sup. Ct. Opinion Regarding A Case I Won On Appeal That Changed The Law Regarding Wrongful Death In That State, Michael Cortson; Hello Dr. Shanti; Building Dynamic Faith Jonathan Falwell;

Volume 2005 Issue 3

Lessons learned from London
Ilana Freedman; A Poem Judge Roy Moore; This is always good stuff to remember Dr. Ludwig Otto; Economic Update, Gold Bug, and Our Cashless Society Alix and Thomas Cloud, Jr.; Cashless in the “Blink” of an Eye Alix Cloud; In light of the recent hurricane and its devastation, I’m reminded of God’s amazing grace Rev. James L. Snyder; Hold This  Eric J. Fry; The Butterfly Story
Lady Katherine DeAugustine; Recalling The Sacrifices Of Our Founding Fathers Dr. Jerry Falwell; It has been my pleasure to visit with Dr. Michael Cortson Debra Donham; Our ticking bomb is political correctness Ilana Freedman; Don't mess with grandma, true story M.E. Moses; The Ten Commandments Kathy Hobaugh; Rocky Mountain Riches Tom Dyson; Did You Notice...? Dan Denning ; Presedinte Dr. Ioan Ceută; Hi Dr. Michael Cortson; Approval of Homosexual 'Marriage' Bill Outrages Traditional Marriage Defenders Fred Jackson and Jenni Parker; Analyst: Local, State Officials Given 'Pass' on Katrina; Media Place Blame on Bush Instead Chad Groening ; Peering Through the Shallow Twilight Kathy Hobaugh; It Fell . . .  & other poetry Annie Klein; Saved Amy Kent; Searchin’ For Selkies Sonya L. Ryan ; Learning Is The Art Of Bringing Clarity To Each Experience Kathy Hobaugh; The Aftermath Andreas Ettl ; The Collision of Two Worlds Kathy Hobaugh; What Are You Thinking? Dr. Michael Cortson; Bull or Bear Market or Does It Matter? Thomas Cloud, Jr; A Living Example of God’s Grace Veronica Williams; God was content to just love me Kathy Hobaugh;  Laus Deo Ilana Freedman;

Volume 2005 Issue 2
Gang Banger,  Kathy Hobaugh ; British International Lottery, Todd  Aaron ; When We Were Just Children, Celine Rose Mariotti ;  Welcome To A Bible Study In Matthew,  Joe Seay; Diamond Bank Plc, Collins Ade ; The Brave Warrior, Terry Rebolloso; The Price of Non Conforming:  When Quitting Is Not An Option, Theresa V. Wilson ; Strictly Confidential And Urgent Business Assistance, Ijorfor Fabian ; The Song That Never Was, Anonymous; Permit Me To Introduce Myself To You, Dr. Chuks O. Em; Advance Fee Fraud Scam: Exploits Of The Nigerian Fraudsters, Catherine & Ikechukwu Ugwuezuoha;  Man Of The House.  I'm the MAN! Kathy Hobaugh; Team Sense; Mohammed Abacha, the eldest son of the late president of  Nigeria, General Sani Abacha;  The National Lottery  Charles Macknight ; Dr. Ahmed Umar Nigeria National Petroleum Coroperation (Nnpc)  Falomo Office Complex; Celine Rose Mariotti Shadows Of April Kowowa Lambert   Foreign Bill Of Exchange Of The  Operation Department Of Standard Trust Bank Of Nigeria; Gabriel Martins E-Mail Promotions; Rev. James L. Snyder, Poetry ; Celine Rose Mariotti, O Lord Mine, Forgive me  & Other Poetry; Buluz Ahmed, Esq, A Legal Adviser To One Mrs Noyo Abiola, One Of The  Numerous Wives Of Late Chief M.K.O. Abiola ;  Joseph Chau,  Investment Banking, Union Bank Of China; Dave Godwin, Personal Assistance To Former Congo President, Late Laurent Kabila, Who Was Assassinated Early 2001;  Celine Rose Mariotti, I Grew Up In The 30/ 40s With Practical Parents; Tony Chambers, Legal Practitioner And Public Notary & High Court Representative ;  Kathy Hobaugh  I Look At The Stars Twinkling In The Sky ; Dr Audu Ahmed, Legislative Resolution Reached On The 27th Of January 2005, Following Complaints And Petitions Received By The Minister Of Finance From Both Local And Foreign Contractors ;5; Without Reservation  Kathy Hobaugh ;  Serenaded Tortillas, Terry Rebolloso; Charles White, Are You Using Your Bible The Way God Tells You To … Or Is It Just Sitting Around?; Henry Macpepples, (Ceo) Adamac Group Of Company; Micheal Miller , Executive Director/Financial Controller, Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation(NNPC) ;  Celine Rose Mariotti, You're In My Heart & Other Poems; Charles White Parents Guide To Prayer ; Kenneth Tyler, We Are OPEC Members Who Deal On Crude Oil And Raw Materials And Export Into The Canada/America And Europe; Joe Seay, Welcome to a Bible study in Matthew  Chapter 3 ; Making All Things New: The Good, the True and the Beautiful in the 21st Century, Stan Matson;  Act Receives It Contract From GSA ACT, Inc. Earns Another Place On The U.S. Federal Supply Schedule ; Charles White  Anchors for helping the Children of Divorce ;A Parents Guide from ;  Celine Rose Mariotti, Getting the Blues;  Book Review, Theresa V. Wilson A MOTHER'S PRAYER, I Samuel 1:9-18

Volume 2005 Issue 1

Unfulfilled Words to Caress the Soul of Your Lovers Foe
Angela Marie Bartlett; Butterfly Kaitlyn Raine; This Is A Free Ministry Joe Echols;  BRATS: Our Journey Home - An Intimate Portrait of a Lost American Tribe Shirley Rich; Poetry, Essays, and Other! Kathy Hobaugh;  Reclaimed  For  The  Kingdom! Peter Lundell; His Forceful Message and Other Poetry Vladimir Orlov; 
Changing Lives Through Teaching
Adam Howard; 
The Caregiver Resource Guide: Things You Need to Know Before You Know You Need Them Charles Puchta; Harvard-Educated Pastor Says Election May be Decided by “Stealth Votes” Pastor Harry Jackson Jr.; Poetry and Essays  Kathy Hobaugh; Unfulfilled Words to Caress the Soul of Your Lovers Foe Angela Bartlett; Liberal Reading of the Constitution Means Fewer Liberties for People of Faith: Constitutional expert describes gradual erosion of values, liberties and freedom T.V. Weber; Evangelical Vote Expected to Play Central Role in Election: President of Conservative Vanguard Examines Issues Rod Martin; Human Nature In Literature  Fitzgerald Davy Moss; A Peek at Life Amber Huong Yesmin; Look Up Christians, Out Redemption Is Near! Joe Seay; Monday Morning Insight  Todd A. Rhoades; Leadership in Practice: What Will It Take to Bring Our Young Leaders Back? Ed Stetzer;  Olympic Outreach Opens Door to 21st Century Mars’ Hill.  Greek-American leads way in largest evangelistic effort in Greek history Matthew Nocas; Order Out of Chaos A Story About Weathering Life’s Storms Janette Reed; The Black Vote: How it will make a Difference Harry Jackson; The Causes And Effects Of Poverty Poo Jon Ting Phan; The Quest of Epistemology  Hollis Benjamin Johnson; Kathy Hobaugh: The Foreigner; In the early 1800 - 1900’s  Franco Dewitt; The Christian Voting Bloc   Joe Seay; 15 must-know tips for protecting your identity  Dani Arthur; Special Reprint, by permission  Richard Maybury; Thanksgiving: A Time to Pause and Consider God’s Goodness in Our Lives. Nancie Carmichael.; The Armadillo Joe Seay; When Your Dreams Are Shattered Joe Seay;

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